#Upgrade your Student Development Ecosystem with Youth Ventures Asia

Our aim is to enable institutions get access to the finest resources that can enhance and transform their student experience.

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Our awesome features

Get the #HighestROI for your Student Development Program

Planning your student development strategy just got easier (and cheaper). Our core focus is entrepreneurial and career development for emerging industry. With our technology enabled ecosystem, institutions can now help students gain access to

Off campus programs by trusted global provider

Career and Business accelerator designed for students

Internships and apprenticeships based on future careers

Grants, funding, investment and scholarships that is only accessible to students

#Monetize beyond Student Fees!

Our core belief is students are stakeholders, not customers. We help institution to strategically understand the value of their ecosystem and how to strategically gain value without disrupting the ecology. With our support, institution can create an ecosystem that can generate values for all their stakeholders.

IP Commercialization

What if you can own the next big thing? Ideas are nothing without execution. Transform your student into an entrepreneur that is worth investing and can carry their (or your) project to the next level.

Talent Mapping

Each institution should know everything about their students, from basic data to insights! What if you could fill any talent gap in the industry by feeding potential students based on their skills and interest?

Market Intelligence

To gain a glimpse of the future, you need to ask the opinion of the next generation. What if you could strategically launch your brand and can plan the market strategy for the next 10 years?

The #MostEffective ecosystem to increase Graduate Employability Rate

With our technology enabled ecosystem that enhance student development experience, we have managed to produce passionate youths who are determined in pursuing their entrepreneurial and/or career goals before graduation. Students will be more confident and ready to tackle the global market, which provides more opportunities!

Our awesome features
Proven Stategy for Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Career Development

Our flagship programs have helped to produce young campus leaders, profitable student entrepreneurs, impactful changemakers and global talent. We integrate Design Thinking Framework and Lean Startup Methodology across all of our initiatives to transform the student into a more empathetic problem solver. Our data driven apporach enables us to track insights and performace of each students.

Our awesome features
Sustainable Youth Development Cycle

No more one off programs, or workshops that recycle the same participants. Our data driven approach enables us to track insights and performance for each students.

Our awesome features
Data ,Intelligence and Trend Driven Program Planning

Our program planning and curation team are working non stop to deliver the best content to the student based on market relevancy, benefits, and students interest. Our on demand model enables student to request programs based on their interest.

Our aim to enhance student experience.

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