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Since 2019, we have helped our partners to impact more than 10,000 youths across South East Asia. We work with public and private organization to make the world a better place for youths to pursue their passion.

Our Ecosystem Enables Sustainable Youth Development

The foundation of our ecosystem is based upon the different problems that each stakeholders in higher education face

Our awesome features
YouthOS: Connecting Students to Trusted Off Campus Opportunities

We speak their language and we know what they want. It is our mission to curate and creates initiatives that would benefit youths.

Our awesome features
YouthDB: Enabling Industry to Effectively Talk to Youths via Talent Mapping

Discover, reach out and effectively work with passionate youths across Southeast Asia. Our aim is to make talent discovery and placement effective using data, insights and intelligence.

Our awesome features
Youth Centre: Helping Institution to Enhance Student Development Experience

Reduce cost of student development, increase the graduate employability rate and monetize your institution beyond student fees. It is at our best interest that institution is running profitably without compromising student happiness.

Curating Youth Centric Programs

Check out our featured initiative where we work with our partners to create an experience for youth to discover, learn and grow.

Our awesome features

No more one off programs. Go Beyond!

Our community centric tech enabled ecosystem helps organisation to create a fulfilling experience for youths. From education to entertainment, whether you want to reach out to youth or you want youth to help you. We are your best bet:

Gain Insights Beyond Ranking

Gone are the days where you only know the winner. Gain an overall overview of everyone and make the best decision for your organisation.

Track Progress Beyond Program

Keep in touch with everyone without the hassle of communicating with everyone. Get to know their next step so that you wont miss their success stories.

Impact Youth to Go Beyond

You can consider us as the University of Passion where we can turn normal everyday youth to be more passionate and driven. The trick is to understand them like we do.

Work with us to create a global impact

Ready to see if we are the right fit for each other?

If you are looking for ways to develop or reach out to youths, or utilize the potential of passionate youths, Youth Ventures Asia might be able to help you.

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Youth Ventures Asia supports Sustainable Development Goals by accelerating future leaders, entrepreneurs and changemaker.

We are committed in dedicating all of our time and resources to make this world a better place by providing a platform for sustainable youth development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lets get a few things cleared up before we work together.

Is Youth Ventures Asia a Non Governmental Organisation?

We are a for profit for impact company focusing on youth development. We are privately owned by Malaysian, registered with the Registrar of Business (SSM) as YV Asia Holdings Sdn Bhd. Our entity is also a registered service provider for the Ministry of Finance and a training provider for HRDCorp.

Why is Youth Ventures Asia different from other Youth Organisation?

We build ecosystem instead of community. Our aim is to build a tech enabled ecosystem that can help youth to achieve their entrepreneurial journey, career goals or personal mission. We also help our partners to reach out or help youths effectively.

Do Youth Ventures Asia do collaboration or partnerships?

Aside from providing premium and bespoke services, we also collaboration with public or private organisation that fits our culture as long as it is not connected to any political agenda, illegal activities, corruption or anything that can bring negative impact to the economy, society or the company.

What is YouthOS?

Youth Operating System (YouthOS) is a system created by Youth Ventures Asia to help youth start their idea or career. It also helps our partners to gain deeper insights on the youth that they have helped. YouthOS provides resources so that you can start faster and have a higher chance of succeeding.