Let’s Fight Cancer Together and Save The World!

This October, Youth Ventures Asia and The Noor stand united as a powerful alliance to four charities: MAKNA, NCSM, BCWA, and PINK RIBBON, via INCITEMENT: a platform that enables transparent giving.

by YouthOS

Let’s Fight Cancer Together and Save The World!


TL:DR, We are proud to announce that we are working together with Incitement for the Cancer Awareness Month to support four charities. Take action by starting your own fundraiser to support the cause HERE or just directly donate to the cause HERE!

Cancer is an adversary that affects us all, sparing no one from its reach. The statistics are stark. From 2012 to 2016, a staggering 82,601 lives were lost to cancer in Malaysia. And behind each statistic lies a deeply personal story of pain, hope, and resilience.

Source: International Agency for Research on Cancer

This October, Youth Ventures Asia and The Noor stand united as a powerful alliance to four charities: MAKNA, NCSM, BCWA, and PINK RIBBON, via INCITEMENT: a platform that enables transparent giving.

You can choose to DONATE to the cause via Incitement or START A FUNDRAISER for the cause and find support from your community.

Here's how YOU can help make a real difference!

Starting a Fundraiser enables you to raise donations from your community for the Cancer Awareness and Prevention Fund!

We would like to ask you to get actively involved and help us fundraise. Your fundraising efforts can play a vital role in spreading awareness and facilitating real change.


Every donation you help raise will contribute to educating individuals and families about the importance of early detection and prevention, provide health screenings, and support services, further advance essential research, and much more.

Be part of the cancer awareness month by starting your own fundraiser on Incitement that will support MAKNA, NCSM, BCWA, and PINK RIBBON. Start here!

Together with our community partner Incitement, Youth Ventures Asia launched the Cancer Awareness & Prevention Impact Fund. Any donations you help raise for this fund are equally divided between our four charity partners.

Incitement’s platform offers state-of-the-art fundraising features. In a matter of minutes, you can start your fundraiser and start collecting donations. After you’ve created your fundraiser, simply share the link of your fundraiser with your family, friends, and social media and ask them to make a donation.

All the proceeds from your fundraiser will be redistributed to MAKNA, NCSM, BCWA, and PINK RIBBON!

Together, we can amplify our message, reach more Malaysians, encourage them to make healthier lifestyle choices, and save lives. This is why your voice is so important. By participating in our Cancer Awareness campaign, you become a part of a larger, collaborative effort - a community that believes in the power of collective action.

Take action today. » Click here to start your fundraiser.

Let's take part in this inspiring journey towards a cancer-free Malaysia. With youth's support, we might just transform our shared vision into a reality.

Together, for a cancer-free Malaysia.

About The Charities

Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation:

This foundation is committed to raising awareness and providing support for breast cancer patients and survivors. They work towards improving breast cancer education, detection, and treatment.

Majlis Kanser Negara (MAKNA):

MAKNA, also known as the National Cancer Council Malaysia, is a non-profit organization that focuses on cancer research, support for cancer patients, and public education about cancer prevention and treatment.

National Cancer Society Malaysia:

This organization is dedicated to reducing the impact of cancer in Malaysia. They provide various services related to cancer awareness, prevention, and support for cancer patients and their families.

BCWA (Breast Cancer Welfare Association):

BCWA is a Malaysian organization that offers support, information, and advocacy for individuals affected by breast cancer. They aim to improve the lives of breast cancer patients and raise awareness about the disease.