WTFxCradle: Join MyStartup Pre-Accelerator Cohort 4 Now Before 26/6/24!

Cradle Fund under their initiative, in collaboration with WatchTower and Friends (WTF) is banding together to launch the cohort 4 or MyStartup Pre-Accelerator. Submit your deck before 26th June 2024.

by YouthOS

WTFxCradle: Join MyStartup Pre-Accelerator Cohort 4 Now Before 26/6/24!


This article is in collaboration with WTF Accelerator. Submit your deck for their MyStartup Pre-Accelerator Cohort 4 Program before the 26th of June 2024 HERE or get more information about the program HERE.
Sam and Kash, the founders of PitchIn also runs an accelerator that launch successful startups!

Did you know that the co-founders of PitchIn, Malaysia’s premier Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) provider, also run an accelerator program under the banner of “WatchTower and Friends” or WTF? For those not well-versed in the Malaysian Startup Ecosystem, their accelerator serves as the launching pad for many successful Malaysian startups such as LaPasar (valuation >MYR300mil), TheLorry (valuation >MYR100mil), and MoneyMatch (valuation >MYR100mil). To say they're experts in building startups is an understatement; they don't just kickstart founders' journeys, they invest cold hard cash—even if it's just an idea. Plus, you can leverage the PitchIn ECF platform for further fundraising activities. Since 2015, they've nurtured around 52 startups across 8 batches, boasting a success rate above industry standards and helping companies achieve explosive growth and regional scalability.

Kickstart Your Journey with WTFxMyStartup

Join MyStartup Pre-Accelerator Cohort 4

The 12-week MYStartrup Pre-Accelerator is crafted to equip your startup with the essential tools and knowledge for success with a mission to cultivate your potential and accelerate your business growth. By the end of the program, you'll have a clear understanding of your personal goals and the significance of your startup, ensuring you know exactly what you want to achieve as a founder. Additionally, you'll develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ready to on-board your first 100 customers, setting a strong foundation for your startup's growth and success.

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Two of the most impactful organizations within the Malaysian Startup Ecosystem are banding together to create a learning environment for founders to launch their startups. MyStartup, an initiative by Cradle Fund, Malaysia’s early-stage capital provider, is collaborating with WTF for their Pre-Accelerator program. Apart from receiving guided growth from industry leaders and building long-lasting networks, they're also on the lookout for 5 outstanding early-stage startups to join their inner circle (read: more funding opportunities).

Is Your Startup Idea Good Enough?

For more info about the accerator, go HERE!

You don’t necessarily need an MVP, but a solid concept is expected. With limited spots available, only those showing high potential will be selected. Thanks to the industry-agnostic nature of this accelerator, all founders are encouraged to apply as a means of testing the business viability of their ideas. Founders can start submitting their applications now until the 23rd of June 2024.

Why Apply?

Imagine having four months to focus solely on building your idea—living and breathing your startup. Engaging with like-minded individuals, receiving full support, and tapping into resources and opportunities that can elevate your journey. With a proven track record, it would be crazy for Malaysian founders not to apply. Submit your deck now!