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Imagine having “Yoda”, “Gandalf” or “Dumbledore” that will guide you to start your career, finish a project, start a startup or launch your business idea!

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The Perks of YouthOS: We help you be less clueless in navigating your life.

Kickstarting Your Entrepreneurship or Career Journey With Youth Ventures Asia. We have helped passionate youth entrepreneurs launch amazing startups without prior experience or technical skills. No More wondering, “How do I start, build, and launch?”. All questions will be answered.
Instant Access To Youth Startup Ecosystem. All the experience you need to launch your first startup. Validate, network, and pitch your idea to potential customers, investors, partners, or co-founders.
Exclusive Content Curated For Driven Youths. Access our Youth Magazine for free where you can read vertical-specific content. Get the latest updates about entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability.
Tap Into The Most Comprehensive Startup Knowledge Base. Over 250+ resources on startup development, no code prototyping, templates (financial, legal, pitch deck), and exclusive startup learning modules by Youth Ventures Asia.
Greenlane Recommendations and Front Row Seats to all of our Accelerators, Programs, and Bootcamps.

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Who’s Right For YouthOS….and Who Isn’t?

We mainly help youths or youth professionals who want to discover their entrepreneurial side, kickstart their career journey, test a business or startup idea, launch a project, or learn skills that can help with their project.

Most members have a rough idea of what they want but those who do not have any idea or project are also encouraged to join.

Each YouthOS members will be prioritized for all initiatives by Youth Ventures Asia and get access to:

-On demand startup and career consultation by Startup Experts.

-On-demand pitch deck and resume review by Experts.

-Pitch deck and resume templates (and how to use them).

-100+ Platform ideas and resources on building your MVP with no code and AI.

-Monthly pitching+feedback session!

-Free access to Youth Magazine, Impact Textbook, and Startup Modules by Youth Ventures Asia.

And many more!

Whether you are a student who is still discovering, a fresh grad who is still figuring out, or a professional who wants to transition, YouthOS enables you to kickstart your journey with effective strategy and someone to make sure you stay in the right lane.

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