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Talking to Naimran Yunus; The Founder of Rumah Abang Jamil and NikahSatu on Capturing the Blue Ocean Wedding Services Market

Naimran Yunus, is the founder/Product and Brand Architect of NikahSatu, Rumah Abang Jamil, and Malas Furniture. NikahSatu, a technology company backed by 500 Global is a digital platform that enables users to find the best wedding deals. Based in Kuantan,

How to start a startup, the “Pandai” way! (Bonus Video: co-founder of Pandai Sharing His Journey)

Pandai.org (Y-Combinator S21’) Malaysian based edtech startup founded by Khairul, Akmal, and Suhaimi who did their undergraduate education at Purdue University, RPI and MIT.

From Men’s Health to a Debating Community, Here Are 10 Companies That Pitch During Chill+Pitch: Kuala Lumpur Episode 1

While we started with no expectations, we got excited when we saw some of them have a real talent for capturing the audience's attention, some with their charm and others with the data that they showcase.

(BM) Aplikasi Malaysia menjadi contoh syarikat dalam pembentangan hari pelaburan Microsoft ke Malaysia

“Pandai telah membantu seramai 800,000 pelajar untuk meningkatkan prestasi pelajaran mereka. Selain itu, Pandai juga telah mula mengaplikasikan AI yang diberi nama Pbot untuk memantau perkembangan para pelajar” ulasan daripada CEO Microsoft tersebut.

International Medical University (IMU) Accelerate Student Startups to Reduce The Gap for Health-tech!

The School of Health Science, International Medical University (IMU), showcase eight startups founded by undergraduate students after a three-months incubation program

(BM) 20 Produk STEM Pelajar Sekolah Menengah Negeri Kedah Yang Menyelesaikan Masalah Harian Pengguna

1) EVODIS SMK CHANGLUN Evòdis deodorant merupakan ciptaan inovasi untuk

Top 6 Startups from Universities Who Have Shine During Chill Pitch!

Chill Pitch is a monthly virtual pitching challenge for student/lecturer/researcher who are venturing into entrepreneurship and want to validate their idea by getting feedback.

10 Essential Tips for Winning Your Next Pitching Competition

Pitching for a new business can be a nerve-wracking experience, but fear not! With these essential tips, you'll be well-prepared to conquer your next pitch and impress your audience.

NMEPC Celebrates Innovative Ventures by Malaysian Student Entrepreneurs

The Ministry of Education Malaysia has selected top student businesses to be the winners of the annual National Micro Enterprise Pitching Competition (NMEPC). Over 150 student founders from 20 public institutions have spent 2.5 months to iterated, validate and launch 42 innovative ideas

10 Interesting Business Ideas by Malaysian Students That You Can Support!

We went around and discovered 10 of the most interesting ventures founded by Malaysian students. They have managed to figure out how to get from 0 to 1, which is the hardest part!